From the beginning of my art journey I started creating large abstract paintings. I love this style of art because there is no rules or mistakes, just freedom to create. Each painting is made with no plan or vision, but from a feeling in that particular moment. I'm inspired by the greatest artist of all, Mother Nature. Whether its admiring the Aurora Borealis or the intricate fine grooves in the bark of a tree, art is everywhere and its meant to be shared." I want people to feel something when they see my work, whatever that might be. I think in this fast paced world we forget to stop and just be present in a moment.  I always feel that there is room to grow as an artist, so I am always creating new styles and designs. As you scroll through my website you will see that not every painting looks the same in style. I love creating portraits and mixed media art as well.  My current collections consist of Abstract, Newsprint (Mixed Media) and Landscape Collections. 

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